I’m Jonathan Todaro,
I’m A Wedding Photographer

About Us

Jonathan Todaro is a 26-year-old wedding photographer who is passionate about travel, music, and love. From a young age, he has nurtured his love for photography, specializing in capturing the most meaningful moments and unique emotions of unforgettable weddings. With his artistic sensitivity and the ability to capture authenticity in human relationships, Jonathan immerses himself in the story of each couple, transforming their memories into images that speak directly to the heart. In addition to photography, Jonathan loves exploring the world and discovering new cultures, which provide him with inspiration for his work. Music is one of his greatest sources of inspiration as it captures the essence of emotions and creates unique atmospheres through his photographs. With an unstoppable passion for love and his craft, Jonathan Todaro is ready to document the love stories of couples around the world.

Jonathan Todaro

Wedding Photographer

I’m Carmine D'Angela,
I’m A Wedding Videographer

About Us

Carmine d’Angela, a talented 24-year-old documentary wedding videographer, is an emerging promise in the world of weddings. Passionate about Italian music and possessing a cinematic and modern shooting style, Carmine captures the love and essence of each wedding in a unique and emotional way.

With his young age, Carmine brings a fresh and creative energy to every project. His passion for wedding videography is reflected in his artistic approach, where he combines the beauty of visuals with Italian melodies that accompany the most significant moments of your special day.

His cinematic shots are characterized by careful direction and engaging visual composition. Carmine immerses himself in the wedding, capturing spontaneous moments and genuine smiles without ever interfering with the events. His discreet presence creates an intimate and authentic atmosphere where every detail becomes a precious piece of your love story.

Carmine D'Angela

Wedding Videographer

I’m Andrea Intermite,
I’m Drone Pilot

About Us

Andrea Intermite is a talented 25-year-old professional drone pilot. Passionate about drones and aerial photography, Andrea has turned his passion into a successful career. With his drone piloting skills and artistic sensibility, Andrea captures extraordinary images from unique and breathtaking perspectives. His dedication and professionalism are reflected in the quality of his shots, which are able to convey authentic emotions and tell engaging stories. Andrea works with care and attention to every detail, providing high-quality service to his clients. His creativity and precision make him an excellent choice for aerial videography projects, weddings, special events, and much more.

Andrea Intermite

Wedding Photographer and Drone Pilot

I’m Alessio Rollo,
I’m A Wedding Videographer

About Us

Alessio Rollo specializes in wedding videography and drone footage. With years of experience in the field, Alessio has honed his skill in capturing special moments and creating lasting memories through his artistry. With a passion for cinematography and meticulous attention to detail, Alessio immerses himself fully in the wedding, capturing every emotion, smile, and meaningful gesture. His video footage showcases refined aesthetics and engaging storytelling, while the drone shots add a touch of magic with unique aerial perspectives. Alessio works closely with couples to fully understand their vision and transform it into a personalized and extraordinary wedding film. His professionalism, creativity, and dedication shine through in his final results, delivering a high-quality service that exceeds expectations.

Alessio Rollo

Wedding Videographer and Drone Pilot



We are proud to have won numerous awards for our wedding photography, recognizing our passion and dedication in capturing unique and special moments on your wedding day.

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